KPC Fund 1

Invest in U.S. commercial real estate, focusing on Colorado. Diversified fund targeting industrial sector, buying properties below market value for strategic growth in evolving landscape.

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The Keystone Private Capital Fund I

The Keystone Private Capital Fund offers avenues to a broad range of commercial real estate assets in top-performing U.S. regions, targeting immediate prospects to fuel enduring expansion in the Industrial sector. This Fund’s investment approach harmoniously combines consistent income streams with the potential for significant gains, a strategy meticulously crafted for the current unpredictable market landscape.

Why Invest with Keystone Private Capital

High Quality Investment Opportunities

Experienced professionals identifying commercial properties with growth potential through thorough market analysis and detailed due diligence on condition and investment challenges.

Regular Passive Cash Flow

Committed to achieving investment goals via commercial real estate with a disciplined, research-driven approach to identify and improve high-potential properties for attractive returns.

Easy Investment Tracking

Easy-to-use investment platform with online tracking, direct deposit cash flow, and educational resources to help investors make informed decisions and maximize returns.

The KPC Difference

The Keystone Private Capital Fund is set to diversify across multiple real estate categories within the U.S. regions. Our model is to channel roughly 80% of the Fund’s resources into Industrial properties, with the remainder being directed towards handpicked investments in other real estate categories. Historically, Industrial properties have showcased appealing returns with a balanced risk profile, whereas specific investments in other areas like office, and hotel properties might present great growth potential.

Our emphasis on mid-tier opportunities, ranging from $50-100 million

enables Keystone’s team to pinpoint inefficiencies in assets that we perceive as oversized for smaller private investors yet undersized for the major players.

Our focus on mid-cap ($50-100 million) opportunities allows Keystone’s team to target inefficiencies in assets we believe are too big for smaller private investors and too small for the larger ones.

KPC Fund 1

KPC Fund I

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